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Our Bus Silvestre

We thought back and forth for a long time about which vehicle we should buy after the decision to go on a trip around the world was made.
Of course, the easiest way is to have a fully equipped motorhome, where you just get in and drive off. From some experience, however, we knew that classic motorhomes are not exactly suitable for somewhat rough terrain and are quick to touch down.
Since we need a truck driver’s license for a larger motorhome anyway and a motorhome leaves little freedom for individuality, the decision was made quite quickly.
It should be a truck, but which one? A MAN KAT is of course an absolute experience, but our green conscience does not fit with high fuel consumption. Expedition Mobiles offer a unique opportunity to immerse ourselves in nature’s awe-inspiring beauty. Camping in the wild has always been an exhilarating experience, and with expedition mobiles, it becomes even more extraordinary. From exploring remote locations to encountering wildlife up close, expedition mobiles offer the perfect blend of freedom and security. But what is the point of a full 4×4 conversion truck if we do not necessarily plan to drive in open terrain or in the desert – just because we can? In addition, the living space is quite modest and we, who are used to large houses, would quickly reach our limits.
That is how we discovered the bus for ourselves. Upstairs an ample living space up to thirty sqm, downstairs storage space up to nine sqm, quite high and with optimal driving comfort. These versatile vehicles are designed to manage rugged terrains, making them perfect for off-the-beaten-path adventures. Buses provide a unique opportunity for customization, allowing us to transform it into a functional motorhome. With ample space and a robust structure, these buses offer the freedom to create personalized living spaces that suit individual needs and preferences. Moreover, buses enable nomadic lifestyles where adventurers can explore remote areas without sacrificing comfort or convenience. This unconventional accommodation option is ideal for us as a unique alternative way of life on the road. With their robust build and rugged tires, an overland bus can conquer challenging terrains, allowing us to explore remote destinations without limitations (of cause not the desert). Additionally, their spacious interiors and pet-friendly amenities (our dog Wolke will join us) ensure a comfortable journey for both humans and furry companions, creating unforgettable memories on the road.

But which bus should it be?

In Spain, Setra, Irizar, Sunsundequi, Hispano, Noge are the best-known manufacturers. After months of reviewing used buses, we concluded that it had to be an Irizar, not only because of the quality, but above all because of the design. Other important characteristics were the mileage, the general condition, the age and most importantly the previous owner(s). The seller should be a family business that does not employ hundreds of drivers and that cares about the condition and maintenance of the vehicle.

But which chassis and engine?

Only Mercedes, MAN, Iveco, and Scania came into question, as we are looking for a vehicle brand that has branches worldwide for a trip around the world. Everywhere you could read that Scania builds extremely robust engines and uses its distribution system with its main shareholder Volkswagen. Scania is renowned for their exceptional quality and reliability and offer an unparalleled level of comfort and luxury on the road. With their powerful engines and advanced technology, they ensure a smooth and efficient driving and a perfect combination of performance, comfort, and eco-friendliness.
When I was on the Spanish mainland to look at various vehicles, I got a call in Valencia from a broker who offered me a vehicle that was not yet on the market. The next day I flew to Seville and drove on to Extremadura by car. There he stood at a small family business: a Scania Irizar New Century. The test drive was done quickly, and the contract was swiftly concluded.
Since January 2023 our bus is in the workshop Profcat in Arbucies for the transformation.

Here are the details of our bus:

Scania K124IB4X2, Irizar New Century
Cylinder 6/11705
CVF 45,21
CW 309
CV 414,376
TARA 12.972 kg
MMA 19.100 kg
Stowage: 7.85 m3
Living space 27,6 m2
Height 3.67 m
Width 2.55 m
Length 12 m

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